09 February 2009

Songs That Get Me Through

I put a list of songs together that get me through the hard times. I could just go on and on for days listing songs and music, but then I would rather hear from you. What are the songs that help you. Let me know.


Carrie and Karl said...

It depends on what kind of hard time I'm going through, but my favorites are the ones I can dance to at really high volume while I clean with a vengence, it helps a lot when I'm mad.
These are the songs on my fast cleaning songs playlist: Honky tonk Badonkadonk, Play something country, Songs about me, Mississippi girl, California girls, the truth about men, Save a horse, Loud, before he cheats, Hot mama, Gravitational pull, Ladies love country boys, Firecracker, Size Matters, Chrome, Swing, If you're going through Hell, I got my game on, Play something country, I'm still a guy, Here for the party, Dangerous Man, Good time, Big time, Hell yeah.
These also help pick me up when I'm depressed because they get me moving.

Chuck and Nancy said...

I enjoyed listening to your picks. i usually prefer the softer songs myself.
I have looked at our collection of CDs. They are broadly based. Generally, I enjoy old Western, & Country songs. But we have a lot of music from the 50s & 60s.
Did you notice that Carrie enjoys Play something country twice as much as other songs.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I have an album that I have liked since the first time I heard it because it is so expressive. It is instrumental by Narada Equinox called Island. Yes it is a little new age but I love it and have for over 20 years. I'd be glad to send you a copy to give it a listen. This is one that I have owned several times and it keeps getting loaned out and disappearing. -- Drew

Vaughn Family said...

I tend to lean toward the bluegrass... Alison Krauss/Union Station songs get me through lots of tough times.
If I am mad, however, nothing beats Korn! How's THAT for a musical spectrum? lol !!

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