28 December 2008

Church Snow Day

Today an hour before church we received the call that church was canceld due to snow.  So we went for a walk instead.

Looking down the road toward town, the kids school is at the bottom of the hill.

Nat and Becca on the road, our house is beyond the trees to the left.

Our Eagle Tree, the dark mass in the dead tree in the middle is the eagle's nest


Chuck and Nancy said...

?Seems like someone told me that there was not much snow in Ketchikan. Mom

Chuck and Nancy said...

Almost looks like you live in a wilderness. I look forward to seeing it myself.

Mike Hugo said...

That turn in the road looks scary do the kids walk to school or do you still drive them.
I love all the trees, especially the eagle tree.

Chet and Liz Hugo said...

Mom, we were told that there wasn't much snow.
Dad, yes we live in a wilderness, or at least by it.
Niki, the kids walk to school.--Liz

Mike Hugo said...

What an amazing place to live. It looks beautiful.


A Tribute to Rain

Creek Street

Creek Street
Famous Creek Street in Ketchikan Alaska