22 December 2008

PRICE PROTEST — The price of regular gasoline came down by a dollar at the Safeway service station during a demonstration against high gas prices on Saturday. About 30 people participated in the action, which was organized by Ken Horne. The demonstration began at 10 a.m. Saturday and continued for about two-and-a-half hours. Westside Service had lowered its price on regular unleaded fuel by Friday.Staff photo by Tom Miller

We went Christmas shopping on Saturday. When we stopped to put air in the tires, the price of regular gas was $3.50. When we came back into town from Walmart the price had come down a dollar to $2.50. I was impressed that the protest actually had some effect. I was also very grateful to these people, who stood out in very cold weather for a very good cause. Things are tough enough right now, without the gas stations gouging us. So, let's hear it for the freedom we have to make these kinds of protests.-Liz

1 comment:

Chuck and Nancy said...

encourage the protesting. Utah regular gas is $1.35 +/-.
our gas dropped so fast that Flying J had to file Chapter 11 today.
Good luck

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