28 December 2008

Christmas Trip to Metlakatla

On 13 Dec 08 our scout troop went on a trip to Metlakatla on the island of Annette which is an Indian reservation.  The first night we camped out on point Davis which is the southern most part of the island.  It was the first time since arriving in Alaska that I was able to sleep under the stars.  Along with the clear night was a meteor shower so we also had the treat of a lot a shooting stars.  before breakfast we explored abandoned WWII barracks, anti aircraft gun platforms (the guns are long gone) and watch towers.  We spent the rest of the day doing service projects in town and Christmas caroling that night.  The next day we had attended church which is a satellite of our ward (connects each week via teleconference).  We went home on the Inter island ferry. 

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A Tribute to Rain

Creek Street

Creek Street
Famous Creek Street in Ketchikan Alaska